A property is where you will spend the most money ever on one purchase. You don’t need to be a landlord or a property tycoon to want to make money on that big investment. We know at DPO Home Improvements that it’s not just about extra comfort in your living space, you’re also intelligent and are thinking about how to increase your homes value. Here are our top 5 tips on increasing the value of your Eastbourne property.

  1. Loft Conversion

Most homes that have a loft tend to have a wasted space. yes, it’s a good storage area but there are ample places you can store your suitcases and the Christmas tree with some thought. Almost all lofts have acres of wasted space going to waste. Time to think about using the space in a better way and that means looking at converting that wasted loft space and creating a whole new room.

Using the loft is the ideal way to create an extra bathroom or bedroom / office. The great thing about loft conversions is the work is going on in the roof so it’s not going to be a massive disruption to your dat to day life, in fact a lot of the work can be done from the outside o the building.

The biggest things to think about is loft access, is the access going to be easy? Or can it be modified so it’s easy? The think about the design, how can you make the loft conversion fit in with the look and feel of the rest of the house. You might want an all singing and dancing techno hub but in a period property that might  not work as well as it could. Talk with an expert about the loft design and you may be surprised at the options open to you.

Some of the work will almost certainly involve raising the floor level and strengthening the joists to carry the extra weight. make sure the loft space is big enough for you to stand up in, though with eaves, there are usually some less spacious areas that can be maximised with good storage solutions. Often, what you spend on the loft conversion is readily made back in the increase to your property price, which tends to hover around the 12.5% mark.

Eastbourne Loft Conversion

2. Adding A Conservatory

If you can’t go up then you might be able to extend out! Basically increasing your living space is almost always a good idea and taking some of the garden to make an extra room, especially with the UK weather, can be a smart move. Conservatories come in all shapes and sizes, there is never any need for it to look ugly and out of character thrown onto the rear of your home. The top tip we can offer, just make sure the conservatory matches the character of your home and you won’t go far wrong.

A good trick is to use the same flooring throughout the downstairs space and that’ll create a natural sense of flow and make the new addition seem a natural part of your living space. It convinces the eye that all is as it should be so the conservatory just feels integral.  Of course if you’ve the space then you can add on a full blow extension if you wish. A conservatory adds in the region of about 7% extra to your house price and an extension somewhere around 11%.


3. Garage Conversion

If you can’t go up or out, how about repurposing a space. There is something crazy in terms of stats that says about 90% of garages don’t contain cars. It is another often wasted storage space that ends up a dumping ground. Converting a garage gives a new space, it can be anything depending on its position to the rest of the house. A kitchen extension, a new bedroom, granny annexe of home office are just some ideas. It adds value as well, the easiest way to calculate how much is to multiply square footage gained by local price per square foot. Take a look at Zoopla or Rightmove to get those sorts of figures as it depends on where exactly you live.

Eastbourne Garage Conversion

4. Kitchen first

If you’ve a few rooms to renovate then start with the kitchen it adds the most value – around 4.6% and it also creates a better living environment for you and your family, we spend so much time in this one room it makes sense to invest in a kitchen that adds functionality. The kitchen for many homes really is the heart, we cook in it, we entertain in it, the kids do homework in it, it can be an extra room for watching TV….the list goes on.

A good tip is to maximise the space and allow for ample workspaces, make sure you have easy access to the 3 central kitchen points of sink, cooker and fridge. When you have that, go for the best you can in terms of appliances, they naturally are designed to last for longer as it can be a headache to replace every other year like you might do with other electricals elsewhere in your home. While costs should always be a consideration, if you put in a 10k kitchen in a million pound property, not surprisingly you’ll reduce the property value so aim for the right level to make it functional and add value.

Eastbourne Contemporary Kitchen Fitting

5. Bathroom Beautification

This is often a room that may have less space than other areas but large, small or average, this room gets a lot of use! The secret is to keep things simple and add in value by improving the look and feel of the space. Small room, don’t need a bath, then opt for a shower room. Increasingly new homes are only offering showers. Add in features like underfloor heating and heated towel rails, be smart with the lighting and mirrors to create space illusions.

Tiling adds a new look to the room and  splash panels can really make a difference to how the room feels. A new bathroom will lift the house and it puts 2.88 per cent onto the value.

Eastbourne Wet Room Install