Questions About Plumbing? This Should Help You! This is the best place for all your Eastbourne Plumber needs as DPO Home Improvement is the leading plumber in Eastbourne. You could look far and wide but you will not find tips as well written and clear as what you will find here. Use this guide today if you want to know all that you should know about Eastbourne plumbing and your home.
Before starting any plumbing project be sure to turn off the main water supply. Water damage can be one of the most expensive things to repair. To minimise damage turn the main water supply off as well as any shut off valves near where you are working. This will save a great deal of hardship later on. An Eastbourne plumber is an expert who is designed to remove the issues you’d face trying to resolve any home plumbing issues yourself.

Eastbourne Plumber – Our tips

They say that prevention is better than cure and as a leading Eastbourne Plumber, the DPO team often get called out to issues like blocked toilets. To avoid clogs, pay attention to what you flush. Sanitary napkins, thick toilet paper and baby wipes should never be flushed. These items can expand and cause a clog, or get caught on a pipe. Instead, dispose of them in a sanitary way that does not involve flushing them down the toilet.
Roots from a tree in your back yard can be a real headache when it comes to plumbing. Make sure if you have a big tree or bush or some kind of plant with a big root system, that you ask your Eastbourne plumbing company about root killing agents. You can flush these down your toilet and kill any roots that may be blocking your pipes and save yourself a lot of money by stopping a back up before it happens.
To avoid wasting water and having a potentially high water bill, check your home for leaky taps periodically. Fix any leaks that you find right away. You may be able to do the repair yourself, but if not, you may have to seek the services of a quality Eastbourne plumber to make the repairs.
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Eastbourne Plumber – How and When We Can Help 

If you want to save money, then speak with your expert Eastbourne Plumber and have all the plumbing repairs done in one visit. You may be tempted to call a professional plumber if you have any minor issues, we do recommend getting a plumber involved sooner rather than later as you sometimes may not be aware of how serious a problem can become if left. Equally, if you have a few issues, ask you Eastbourne plumber to take a look at all of them. DPO Home Improvements offer expert plumbing services for in and around Eastbourne and we can help with:
– leaky taps
– leaky or dripping pipes
– radiators and central heating issues
– low water pressure
– running toilet
– and much more….get in touch with us now for a free quote.
Saving up all your plumbing jobs in Eastbourne for one visit may see like it will costs less because most plumbers will charge you per hour and include a minimum rate for coming out. If you call them out multiple times, those charges for them coming out will add up quickly unless they don’t charge you a call out charge. Here at DPO there is no call out charge so call us as many times as you need us!
It is not always necessary to call in a plumber when you have a damaged section of pipe in your plumbing. There are repair kits you can buy in your local hardware store which are excellent in repairing leaks. If you have a small leak, you can rub a compound stick over the hole or crack in the pipe to seal it shut. Epoxy paste is also an excellent remedy for a leaking pipes. Make sure you turn off the water and completely dry the pipe before applying the epoxy.
Find your Eastbourne plumber and add them to your phone before starting any project. If you do try and do some plumbing DIY and things do not go as planned, then having your Eastbourne Plumber on speed dial will be beneficial, we’ve experienced it many times and be assured, we are here to help.
Prevention is necessary when you want to keep plumbing bills down. Clogs are one of the main reasons people have to call a plumber. Clogs in drains can be caused by hair, among other things. Put a drain cover or a screen that is made to protect drains over your drain so that hair cannot get in. You can easily clean out the drain covers on a regular basis; it’s harder to remove hair from drains once it’s fallen into them.

Eastbourne Plumber – Winter Hazards

Make sure that any exposed pipes in your home are insulated, especially those found in crawl spaces on the outside walls of your home. This will help keep them from freezing and causing you tons of problems. Frozen pipes can often be devastating and leave you with problems that are expensive to fix and no water in the middle of winter.
If you own property where the temperature gets below freezing for an extended amount of time each year, you should make sure that pipes located in unheated areas, such as crawl spaces and garages, are insulated. Pipes that are exposed to the outside elements or those that are prone to freezing, should be protected by heat tape or thermostat-controlled heat cables to prevent them from freezing.
In conclusion, plumbing is a skill that you should know about – plain and simple. It is something that you will always be able to use and you may be able to save yourself a lot of money and frustration in the future. Hopefully this article was beneficial to you.